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A feeling of freshness

A zen space for your senses, to reconnect with yourself…

This is a great adventure…

Discover the story, the backstage, discover our brand in details


Our fragrances in the most beautiful concentration there is.


For a weekend, an endless exploration, or even for the bathroom.


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Share our olfactory emotions, be free to create, respect the nature
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Like our bottles and our travel cases, practical and
simple but always refined, to take your
fragrances with you across the world.

Really magical Absolus de Parfum !

To travel light

Alexandra, one of our talented perfume
creator, is an independent adventurer whose only luggage is her credit card.

Under the pillow

Our ESCAPADE case goes everywhere. Tiny and pretty,
do not forget it under your sheets while leaving your hotel room !

Find your Absolu

All our fragrances are unisex and in Absolu
concentration. Follow the guide to find out
which one is made for you.

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